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Once I had your hand, I never wanted to let go of you.

I liked it when you hold my hand. I liked it when I can feel the security within you when you hold me. I liked it when you start acting like you don’t want other people to touch me except you. I like everything. You, your actions, your effort. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. 

11 days to go til our 4th year anniversary baby! Countdown? Yeah, since last year.   lol Funny but true. Mixed emotions. But the happiness I feel is so irreplaceable. Thank you for always holding me no matter how weak I grip you at times. Thank you for holding me tighter when the not-so-good-things came our way. Thank you for not letting me go everytime I push you away. Thank you. I’ll promise you that no matter how big the problems may come, I will never let go of your hand. As long as you hold mine, I will forever hold yours.

I love you Baby! 

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